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Here, I'll be showcasing some of the design elements I have created to assist with projects for notable brands under Pernod Ricard, including Absolut Vodka and TX Whiskey.


Each project highlights my contributions to enhancing the visual identity and branding efforts for these clients.



The Project:

For this project, Absolut asked us to design an engaging recipe email campaign aimed at their customers. The objective was to highlight and promote their current recipes and drinks. This would captivate the audiences interest, enhance customer engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Design Process:

After my team discussed the brief with Absolut to get a clear understanding of the goal, I received the creative brief to review. I conducted a detailed review of the brief and clarified any ambiguities before beginning my research in to current marketing trends within beverage industries and drew inspiration from Absolut’s existing brand materials.

I created initial sketches to outline structure and functionality of the email and then developed concepts for the email template using Figma. I incorporated the brand colours, typography and style including interactive elements like buttons which would enhance engagement.

I presented the initial designs to the my team for feedback. I then incorporated their feedback to refine the design. There were a few minor tweaks to be made (like changing the text on the button). Once those were in place, I finalised the design and delivered them back to my team for implementation.

Results + outcome:

​Once approved by Absolut, we monitored the performance of the email campaign post-launch to gather insights on user engagement and sales impact.

This approach ensured that the final product not only met Absolut's expectations but also effectively engaged their audience and promoted their products, resulting in a successful email campaign.


The Project:

TX Whiskey were having issues with user subscriptions on their website. They wanted to test a section on the homepage that would allow users to subscribe even if they’d opted out of the initial pop-up form that appears upon entering the site.

Design Process:

I reviewed the TX Whiskey website to understand their branding. Fortunately, the brand already had a strong brand identity, so I could build on their existing elements for the subscribe section. I created several design variations using different colours and design elements to see which would work best. Including an input field was a key decision, as it would naturally draw users' attention and encourage interaction. My team reviewed the designs and provided feedback on which one looked and functioned best. We then finalised that design and sent it to the client.

Results + outcome:

The branded subscribe section was well-received by the TX brand team, leading to client approval. The dual sign-up options increased the chances for users to subscribe, enhancing engagement. The tailored design provided TX with a clear idea of the final look, ensuring satisfaction with the end product.



Designing for Absolut and TX Whiskey taught me how to handle the pressure of meeting client expectations and incorporating their feedback through clear communication and iterative design. I also learned the importance of collaborating with my team to refine designs based on client feedback and I began learning UX best practices, researching and understanding why certain designs work to develop a user-centered approach.


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