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Jameson Whisky Website UX


Jameson Whisky came to us with a request to review a UX review that had been done for them and give our insights and A/B testing ideas. They would implement these to enhance the user experience of the Jameson's website.

The primary goal was to address the low engagement on the homepage by reviewing Jameson's existing UX, providing insights, and creating redesign mockups. The project culminated in a presentation to the client and the setup of A/B tests for proposed changes.


The challenge was to review the existing UX, identify pain points, and suggest improvements that would enhance user engagement and overall experience on the homepage.


Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 16.37.05.jpg
Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 16.37.17.jpg
  • Initial Review: The team was provided with an existing UX review from Jameson. My role was to analyse this review, add my thoughts, and identify key areas of improvement. The challenge here was to back up my insights with analytics provided by my team. I also had to do a lot of research on best practices and find examples of designs that would work better to back up my ideas and prove that my insights could increase their engagement.

  • Focus Area: Based on the initial review, the homepage was identified as the primary area requiring attention due to its low engagement metrics. I did also provide some insights for 2 of their other pages that I thought could use some improvement.

  • User Insights: Gathered data from analytics and heat maps to understand user behaviour and pain points on the homepage.


  • Analysis: I first reviewed the provided UX review thoroughly, agreeing with several points and noting areas for additional insights.

  • Insights Development: After reviewing the review document, I focused on the homepage, navigation and other pages, analysing user behaviours provided to me from the data given.

  • Mockups Creation: I then began to develop redesign mockups incorporating the insights and suggestions derived from the research phase.

  • Slide Deck Preparation: I compiled all the UX insights and redesign mockups into a comprehensive slide deck and my team provided the appropriate analytics justifications to go with the insights.

  • Presentation: We then presented the slide deck to the Jameson Whisky team, explaining the proposed changes and their potential impact on user engagement.

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 12.12.12.png
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 12.12.22.png


The client agreed with several of the proposed changes, validating the insights and mockups presented. My team then set up A/B tests for the approved changes to measure their effectiveness in real time.

Post-implementation, the homepage saw a notable increase in user engagement, validating the success of the redesign efforts.


Client-Facing Experience: This was my first client-facing project, and it taught me how to effectively communicate and present my UX insights to a client. Preparing and presenting the slide deck enhanced my confidence in client interactions.

Collaboration: Working closely with my team who focused on data analysis and A/B testing highlighted the importance of cross-functional collaboration. I learned how to integrate diverse skills to deliver solutions.

UX Analysis: Reviewing Jameson's existing UX review and developing redesign mockups helped me deepen my understanding of UX principles. I learned how to identify pain points and propose practical, user-centered improvements.

A/B Testing: Collaborating on A/B testing ideas taught me the importance of data-driven decision-making in UX design. I learned how to create hypotheses, design experiments, and analyse results to validate our proposed changes.


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