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Our marketing team at Pierian wanted a one-page infographic that would clearly explain who Pierian is and outline our services. Potential clients often don't have time to browse websites or go through lengthy slide decks so the final infographic would be used to introduce Pierian to these potential clients in a more engaging way.


The challenge was to create a one-page infographic that succinctly and engagingly presented Pierian's identity and services. It needed to be visually appealing, easy to understand, and comprehensive.


Research: After receiving the initial brief, I researched best practices and looked at other infographics particularly within marketing services. I gathered some with design elements that I thought worked well and then reviewed Pierian's website to check if there were any design elements I could use within the infographic, to ensure consistency.

I then created a low-fidelity sketch of the infographic layout to visualise the structure and flow of information before presenting it to our marketing director and incorporating feedback.

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 06.41.45.png
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 06.41.53.png

After making the necessary adjustments, I began to design the infographic in Figma.

The most important and challenging aspect of this design process was balancing visual appeal with sufficient information to effectively showcase who Pierian is and the services they offer.​​​​ It was challenging to condense so much information in to an engaging and easily digestible infographic.

We wanted to include 4 main sections: Who is Pierian, What services do they offer, Statistics and results, and clients.

This was the final infographic:



  • Positive Internal Feedback: The final infographic was well-received by the marketing director and the rest of the team.

  • Client Feedback and Introduction Tool: Potential clients responded positively to the infographic, enhancing our marketing efforts and improving client engagement. It also effectively introduced Pierian to potential clients, providing a clear overview of our services.


I learned how to simplify information into clear, engaging visuals that potential clients could easily understand and had to balance the design with the content. I also had to integrate Pierian's brand elements to reinforce the brand identity. I also feel that I improved my ability to work collaboratively, understanding that the design I think is best might not always suit the team's needs. I learned to be adaptable, open to new ideas, and willing to make changes based on feedback.


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